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Welcome to Durham Boer Goat Farm located on 24 acres of beautiful rolling land where all our goats receive the finest care.

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Embarked on Goat Farming in 2007

Rooted in a lifelong connection with livestock, Christine and Bob Durham launched Boer Durham Goat Farm in 2007. Balancing a thriving fence business, we embraced the challenge of goat farming with dedication and hard work, striving to establish a name synonymous with quality and trust in the Boer goat community.

story behind the farm

Farming for today and the future

Since 2007, Boer Durham Goat Farm, led by Christine and Bob Durham, has blended traditional and modern farming. Focused on sustainable practices, we ensure our Boer goats and land are cared for with utmost responsibility, preparing for a future where farming and nature coexist harmoniously.

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Our Boer Goats
are Raised with Care,
Embracing Ethical, Sustainable
Farming Practices.

Guided by a deep-rooted passion for livestock, Boer Durham Goat Farm, led by Christine and Bob Durham, is a sanctuary where ethical and sustainable practices are paramount. Our approach is a harmonious blend of traditional wisdom and modern methods, creating an ideal environment for nurturing our Boer goats, focused on their health, well-being, and the land they roam.

100% Pure Bred Goats

We Believe in raising our goats the natural way.

Animal Care

Our most import value lies in looking after our family at our farm.

Locally Raised

We pride ourselves on being a Local Farm in Ohio.


We have been looking after our farm for over 15 years.

Discover Boer Durham Goat Farm Experience the Essence of Quality Goat Farming

Join us on a journey of passion and excellence in goat farming. Witness firsthand the care and dedication that makes our Boer goats truly exceptional.

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